Here are some Projects I have been working on with different company's. From 3D Character animation to compositing and Motion Graphic.

Motion Comix U2359

Jagten på havbundens hemmligheder.

Was part of creating the animation and composition for a Danish TV series on DR about finding treasure and the history about it.

Episode 4 and 6.

Video 2


Masking out shots for grading

Was proved to be on this film as it was a learning curve to create masking techniques for the film.

DJ_ Morten

Motion Graphic Copenhagen Distortion 2017

Made this for a DJ Named Morten for his live-show to be shown in the background at a massive LED screen.

Them should be north an cold.


Illustration to Strong Production

Illustrated this concept for Strong production in Copenhagen

Peter Asschenfeldt Music videos

Music videos

Co-Produced  20 of this videos from pre production to final look with Allan Buch.

I used a lot of Plug ins for AE to get the right effect.

If you want to see making of see here...

To see youtube playlist

Compositing DSB

DSB storyboard

Made 3 videos to give it more live to the Illustrations and added effects for the Danish railroad system.


Video 2

Video 3

Læge Forklaring


Composted this videos and timed out the sound and animation.

Drawing by Christian Kuntz.

 Klient: Mayday Film.

Created 3 Videos.


Video 1

Video 2


Widex Commercial Internal


Here is a commercial that Advance commercial company made for Widex. I was set on the project for the pitch to the Widex company.


Bähncke Sauce Commercial

3D Character animation

3D animated the birds in Maya


Exclusive Blooper Reel! LEGO

3D Character animation

3D animated of some scenes of the LEGO characters.